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switch works to initiate or terminate electrical current to a light-weight fixture, ceiling fan, or the other device , enabling the device to be turned on or off. However, in our daily lives, we hardly even notice this otherwise useful component of our home’s electrical fitting. Electric switches not only enable prompt lighting, but also increase the aesthetics of our home. there have been days, when people wont to believe electricians to hold out the task of shopping for switches. With the changing times and preferences, it’s important to take a position a touch time when buying switches for your home or office, and obtain compensated within the end of the day . Given here are some tips that you simply should consider before buying electrical switches.

Type of Switch:

At the outset, you ought to choose what sort of switches you’d prefer – conventional or modular. Since the age-old conventional switches are rarely seen lately you ought to consider the most recent modular switches which are better for several reasons. offers an in depth range of modular switches that are carefully crafted using high-quality material, with the simplest safety features.

 Current rating :

The next important factor is the current rating of the switch. You must understand your requirement and application of the switch before purchase. There are different ratings like:

6A/10A – for lights and fans

16A/20A – heavier lights, moderate power consumption appliances like TV, cooler etc.

25A/32A – heavy appliances like geysers, air-conditioners, etc.



Before buying switchesyou want to take into consideration the type of fabric that has been utilized in their construction. Electrical switches made out of high-quality, flame retardant polycarbonate material (a sort of thermoplastic polymer) are the simplest . Such switches are UV stabilized, which ensures no loss of color during their lifespan.


Make sure that the modular switches you select , must be noise-free and soft-to-operate. The switches that are ergonomically designed are the simplest as they don’t resound , or require much effort to show on or off.


You must make sure that the switches are made from fire retardant material. The sockets must be shuttered to avoid any accidental exposure of youngsters to electrical current. this will be ensured by checking for a real ISI mark on the switch.


Good quality modular switches are generally known to possess longer lifespan than ordinary ones. Most of the switches have a lifespan of quite 2,00,000 clicks which will last you a lifetime.


While you buy modular switches, search for their insulation resistance. Ideally, the insulation resistance of modular switches should be quite 2000 mega ohms to form them shock proof.

Long Lifespan :

Modular switches, typically, have a extended lifespan than conventional switches or semi-modular switches. Modular switches by are tested for quite 1,00,000 operations to make sure their endurance for the lifetime.


The option of replacement guarantee may come as an additional advantage. Seeing the competition within the switch market, companies offer a specific period of replacement guarantee on their switches. In such a case, you’ll opt of the one which offers the utmost period of guarantee, but this could be the last criteria as compared to others, while buying switches.

Ease of use:

Ergonomic switches that make less noise and while turning on and off and which require less effort while pressing are always preferable.Read more



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