Dry Fruits: Your Daily Dose To Good Health!

Dry fruits as we long know are a healthy option that’s full of a number of the essential nutrients and is all we’d like for a healthy lifestyle. Traditionally, these dry fruits were dried within the sun or by a dehydration method using wind tunnels. So what are these dry fruits? These dry fruits are the dried sort of fresh fruits where the water is removed or dehydrated to retain the pulp of the fruit.

Benefits of having your daily dose of dry fruits:

Keeps cancer at bay:

All folks are conversant in the old saying ‘An apple each day keeps the doctor away’. But did you recognize having dried apple and apricots keeps cancer away? These contain phytonutrients that acts as antioxidants and also provides an honest source of fiber, thus ridding the body of any cancer causing agents. They also contain vitamin A , C and Iron.

Reduced Risk of Heart Ailments:

Heart ailments are quite common lately because of the unhealthy foods that we munch on and therefore the sedentary lifestyle that we follow. However, including a couple of dry fruits in your daily diet can surely help in reducing the danger of varied heart ailments. Some dry fruits like cashews comprise of monounsaturated fats that play a crucial role in improving the health of the guts . These also contain vitamin B6 which reinforces coronary health, thereby preventing stroke etc.

Keeps your skin healthy:

All those tales we’ve learned about our healthy skin and dry fruits are true! The king of fruits – mango, isn’t termed so for nothing! It enriches the expansion of hair and is additionally a superb source of carbohydrates and when it’s dried, the result’s even more exciting because it is rich during a sort of phytonutrients, vitamin A, C, E also as in omega 3 and fatty acids. These are necessary for a healthy skin and to boast our system , it enhances our skin too.Raisins also hamper the skin aging because it contains Resveratrol, an antioxidant. Walnuts too nourish dry skin and helps improve its texture, preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Cashew nuts when eaten in limits help improve the standard of our skin as they’re rich in vitamin E and contains anti-ageing properties.You spend many time and money within the salon to urge that perfect, glowing skin. there’s actually a simple thanks to get this. Just start munching on dry fruits. With the high amount of antioxidants that these comprise, you’re bound to get that glowing, blemish free skin with lesser effort.

Prevention of Anemia:

A lot of individuals especially pubescent girls and ladies of kid bearing age tend to be anemic. this will cause adverse effects on their health. What they have may be a steady dose of iron rich food which will increase the assembly of blood in their body and thereby help in curing or preventing anemia. Dry fruits like dates, dried figs etc are rich in iron and will be included in daily diet to reinforce blood formation.

Keeps the fiber content in check:

Fiber is important for our body because it aids in digestion, thus preventing constipation. The needed fiber is present in dry fruits like cherry and fig and thus should be included in our daily diet. Cherries are referred to as ‘antioxidant super fruits’ thanks to their high levels of antioxidants also as additional nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamin Bc and fiber. Figs also are high in iron, vitamin Bc and potassium.

Good source of Iron:

Dry prunes and apricots are a superb source of iron and helps in preventing anemia. Raisins also are an honest for people that have anemia because it has magnesium, phosphorous and that they also promote blood circulation; hence they’re recommended by doctors for an anemic patient.

Good for our hair and brain:

Almonds are an honest source of essential fatty acids, fibers and proteins. Almonds are a requirement have for those beauty conscience ladies as a mix made from this may help remove the dead cells and dirt and can add luster and shine to dull hair. Almonds also help in improving the hemoglobin and promote blood circulation too. They also help reduce the bad cholesterol level and also helps prevent lung and carcinoma .Raisins too should be an integral a part of your daily diet as they assist in protecting the teeth, preventing cavity and cavities. They also protect the eyes by providing an honest source of vitamin A and also prevents vision problem.Walnuts are probably the king of nuts because it is one among the healthiest and a tasty nut that’s filled with good fats and nutrients. Walnuts have omega fatty acids, which also are referred to as the brain food. Did you recognize around 60% of our brain structure comprises of omega 3 fatty acids and these are abundantly found in walnuts and almonds? These walnuts also promote cardiovascular health.


Dried fruits and particularly figs, are a convenient and superior source of some nutrients, but within the American diet amount to but 1% of total fruit consumed. Figs are in antioxidants after human consumption. The findings suggest that dried fruits should be a greater a part of the diet as they’re dense in phenol antioxidants and nutrients, most notably fiber.Read more