रानू मंडल – रेलवे स्टेशन से बॉलीवुड सोंग तेरी मेरी कहानी तक का सफ़र

Biography of Ranu Mondal in Hindi: हाल ही में ही आपको एक बूढी औरत गाना गाते…

Hi there, I’m Suraj Singh!

I am an entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant from Chennai, India. In 2017 I founded my own digital agency, Startup Short SEO Tools, where I help leverage SMBs Social Media, SEO, and Content Marketing to increase your traffic and generate qualified leads for your business .

I started ASK BUGG in 2019 as a side project to document all the strategies, tools, and tactics I was using to develop my small agency. The goal was simple: to distribute to other solopreneurs with all the right information needed to start a successful business.

Since then, ASK BUGG has grown significantly and generates over $ 400 in side income each month. Read "Google Adsense"…
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