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What is Kitchenware ?

Kitchenware square measure the tools, utensils, appliances, dishes, and cooking utensil employed in food preparation, or the serving of food. kitchen utensil may be accustomed hold or store food before or when preparation.Cookware and bake ware square measure varieties of food preparation containers, normally found in an exceedingly room. cooking utensil contains cookery vessels, like saucepans and cookery pans, meant to be used on a stove or vary cook high. Bake ware contains cookery vessels meant to be used within an kitchen appliance.

List of Kitchenware:

Spiral Canister:

Bored of the standard looking canisters  Take a glance at the JVL spiral canister. made from chrome steel, this canister looks quite smart and trendy! Just perfect for your kitchen dcor! The canister is roofed by a transparent lid. you’ll see the contents without opening it. it’s also airtight in order that the food remains fresh and moisture free for long. The canister has some kind of a bubbles design on its body. Any sort of dry or light fried food items are often stored within the canister- be it biscuits, chips, corn flakes, spices, flour, nuts, among others. The storage capacity of the canister is 400ML. Keep your clique neatly organized and well stocked this Fusion canister from JVL. This container is crafted from sturdy and sturdy plastic and is topped off with a steel lid for added security and airtight protection. The spiral lock ensures easy and quick opening of the lid. an important addition to any kitchen, this container is ideal for storing and displaying spices, pulses, sugar, cookies then on. This container is straightforward to wash because it is dishwasher-safe.

Rectangular Freeze Bowl:

Want a bowl of a special shape? Well, choose the JVLs rectangular freeze bowl. The bowl comes with a plastic lid.The lid is airtight to make sure the food stays fresh and moisture free.The bowl has special pores in it which makes it suitable to store any quite food in refrigerator. The bowl is durable, lightweight and simply washable with any dishwasher detergent. The bowls storage capacity is 650ML each. you would possibly be requiring trendy bowls for freezing food items? we’ve the apt product for you. Here is that the rectangular freeze bowl with acrylic lid from JVL. Fashionable and smart looking, isnt it? Well, it’ll accompany your fridge accessories needless to say. The plastic bowl features a capacity of 1000ML. it’s perforations on all the four sides. The acrylic lid is light blue in colour. it’s transparent, so you’ll have a glance at the contents from outside. Any food item, which needs freezing, are often kept within the bowl. The bowl is durable, lightweight and simply washable.

Mini Designer Set 6:

Everyone has the habit of snacking while at work or doing chores round the house. Now, you’ll make sure that you snack on only the freshest eatables like dry fruits and nuts, by storing them in these Mini Designer Set of 6 Food Containers from JVL. These containers are made with chrome steel which is right for food storage, because it is corrosion-resistant, strong and easy-to-clean. The lids are made from plastic which is very durable, also as easy to take care of.The plastic lids and therefore the chrome steel containers fit together perfectly to supply an air-tight closure which ensures that the food remains fresh and prepared to eat whenever you would like.Stylize your outdoor dinners by buying Mini Designer Set of six with Tray presented to you by JVL. All six of these boxes are made from the best quality chrome steel with plastic made lid. It keeps the food fresh and therefore the tray surely helps you to serve the food even once you are outdoors.

Spice Tin:

Heap up your kitchen spices and keep them fresh and fragrant during this spice tin with seven bowls of 150 milliliters each. The Spice Tin is generously designed to form storage of spices easy and convenient. Made out of top quality food grade plastic material and chrome steel, its lid and handle are tough and sturdy. With a mirror finish, this dishwasher safe spice tin may be a must have in your kitchen for the only purpose of creating life simpler .Ensures freshness of the merchandise stored in it made from durable material and dishwasher safe an important item to possess in your kitchen Steel Cookware

Square Thali Set:

Enhance your kitchenware collection by adding this JVL chrome steel Thali Set or, you’ll gift it to someone on the brink of you. This thali set contains 1 full plate,2 Bowl,1 glass and 1 spoon. the whole set features a silver texture. this whole thali set is true for serving hand-crafted delicious dishes, once you’ve a guest. These pieces have a shiny texture. Dry it with slightly of cotton to carry on to its texture within the highest of the day. you’ll also keep the whole plate on the kitchen rack. The spoon are often stored within the spoon stand, as well. you’ll get this easily washable thali set.

Square Dinner Set:

Square dinner service. we provide the finely fabricated range of Thalis that are widely utilized in various households and kitchens. These are highly known across the country for his or her excellent finish, stain resistance and sturdiness. These are wont to enhance the sweetness of the kitchen.Package Contents: 1-Piece Serving Tray, 4-Pieces Full Trays, 4-Pieces Half Tray, 4-Pieces Salad Tray, 2-Pieces Small Dish with Steel Lid, 2-Pieces Medium Dish With Steel Lid, 1-Piece Fruit Bowl, 8-Pieces Vegetable Bowl, 4-Pieces bowl, 4-Pieces Square Glasses, 1-Piece Jug With Unbreakable Lid, 4-Pieces Serving Spoon, 4-Pieces Table Spoon, 4-Pieces Fork Spoons, 2-Pieces Salt and Pepper, 1-Piece Rice Server.

What is Best Stainless Steel Cookware Sets in india ?

Top 10 best kitchen cookware sets in india ?


Oval Travelling Set:

JVL travelling set series.Now enjoy your meal anywhere, anytime, as hot and fresh as cooked. This stylish lunch box has 4 square shaped compartments to store different dishes and 4 air tight plastic box for liquid items like curry. made from chrome steel this lunch box features a dazzling shine and luster. Being corrosion-resistant, it keeps food fresh and healthy, preserves the aroma. It is also attributed with insulating cover, which makes it easier to hold around.Travelling set is specially designed for normal travellers and other people who take tiffin for entire family/more than two people regularly at their work place.All minute details are taken in consideration while preparing the merchandise such it solves the aim that it’s made.

Armor Pot – Silver Touch:

JVL Branded Stainless Steel Cooking Armor Pot Dish Vessel Silver Touch Design – Set of 3 Pieces High Quality Rust Proof & Food Grade Stainless Steel Thick guage for high durability Durable and modish stainless steel kitchenware 3 Pcs Set – 850ml | 1300 ml | 2200 ml; Top Diametre – 850ml – 14 cm | 1300ml – 16 cm | 2200 ml – 18.5 cm.

Milk Boiler (Single Handle):

Boiling Milk in Associate in Nursing passing milk boiler may be a secure and effective thanks to preserve valuable nutrients and flavor. The pan vogue slowly and gently warms up the milk to its boiling temperature. Eliminates excessive heat, which might cause scorched flavor and formation of molecule layer. Whistle at intervals the boiler gently intimates you that the boiling methodology has begun. Add water to the milk boiler by unscrewing the whistle. Fill the water within the boiler. don’t make full the boiler, make full can end in water spilling out of the whistle whereas boiling milk. Medium to High flame setting will end in the water spillage..Screw within the whistle to the milk boiler. Keep the boiler on a stove and pour milk in it. don’t heat the boiler with none milk. Water is heated initial then the warmth is transferred from the water to the milk. The pan vogue limits the overflow of milk. This ensures that the milk is heated slowly and altogether whereas not the likelihood of burning. Boiler is formed from top quality stainless-steel and comes with Bakelite handles. Discoloration of the at intervals vessel would possibly happen counting on water hardness once first use.

Classic Handi  Copper Bottom:

Classic Handi Copper Bottom room kitchen utensil four pcs. Set Copper bottom – export quality premium quality is deep vessel height is helpful to cook all form of food. simple to wash and wash, they need terribly exotic silver shining. extremely sturdy and made from fine quality chrome steel. Uses:- used for getting ready tea, coffee, boiling milk a lot of such liquid and every one form of product. Used for change of state a lot of food compare to cooking pan thanks to its deep vessel height. Compare size makes it simple to store in room cabinets. once not in used smaller instrumentality are often stacked within larger instrumentality saving ton of space for storing. This cook and serve ware is trendy and delightful to seem at. it’s sturdy and made from prime quality chrome steel material. The handi which may be used for storing , cooking, com mixture or serving food things. This set is created from prime quality chrome steel creating it exclusive and sturdy. This handi set has been fantastically designed to feature grace to your eating expertise. it’s robust in construction and can not bend or have dents throughout traditional use. chrome steel is hygienically to use and straightforward to wash as compared to different materials. All the utensils are of mirror end and provides a chic look. Used for getting ready /cooking food or stylishly serving food. The copper bottom of this kitchen utensil makes it economical for change of state and saves fuel. Features: cook quicker & save fuel, copper bottom kitchen utensil, high-quality chrome steel, exhausting , simple to wash and wash, exotic silver shining, change of state and storing food, store contemporary cuts and curd, store bakeshop merchandise, serve food and puddings, store knead dough, sturdy as a daily serve ware set, combine batters& salads.Read more










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