8 ways to use a Holographic sticker

Hologram labels and stickers have also become the well-liked choice of the many manufacturing companies that are engaged in manufacturing of products for regional and international markets. As Hologram labels are easy to use on product, these stickers are difficult option for counterfeiters to duplicate or black market the merchandise . Further, as process of producing hologram stickers is exclusive , it becomes equally difficult for the stickers to breed .These Hologram Stickers are meant to form the products more attractive with its 3-D photographic appearance that made these stickers more vibrant colorful and glossy . These are highly suitable for labeling top quality products.Holography may be a technique which enables three-dimensional images to be made. It involves the utilization of a laser, interference, and diffraction, candlepower recording and suitable illumination of the recording. The image changes because the position and orientation of the viewing system changes in just an equivalent way as if the thing were still present, thus making the image appear three-dimensional.

Anti-tamper security holographic stickers:

Tamper-evident holograms are specifically designed to spotlight when attempts are made to get rid of them, making them ideal for ensuring security of seals on products and asset tagging.

There’s various different designs of tamper-evident stickers, these include:

  1. A honeycomb design that’s left behind when the sticker is peeled off
  2. Stickers that disintegrate when attempts are made to get rid of it.
  3. A secondary layer that’s revealed when the sticker is peeled off.


One of the foremost common uses of adhesive Hologram labels is in packaging. they supply instant proof of identity and authenticity. Their tamper evident feature is second to none when it involves preventing counterfeiting, not only does this make replicating difficult, but when removed it voids the surface of the packaging it had been on and thus marks the merchandise as unfit for purpose. Hologram stickers anti-counterfeiting quality isn’t only superb but it also makes for the foremost cost effective way of preventing fraud.Because high end companies like Microsoft and Dell utilise hologram stickers to showcase their brand, adhesive holographic labels became an aesthetic in their title synonymous with quality, hence many packaging designers are using hologram stickers to market their own brands. It’s a price effective way of providing the looks of esteemed reputation and value.Also, they supply new dimensions for designers to play with – literally. As designers are pushed to limits trying to seek out a balance between incorporating a minimal design aesthetic with maximum information, hologram stickers are increasingly utilised during a creative response to style briefs. The very nature of the multilayered hologram allows us to try to to this most effectively.

Brand protection:

Popular brands are always in danger from counterfeiters, and holographic stickers provide a convenient yet secure thanks to protect your products. Personalised holograms are often created that are unique to your brand, making it extremely difficult for others to duplicate . additionally , special dyes, called tagganted foils, are often added to the hologram which may only be identified with a special reader.

Packaging and promotion:

Holograms are great for packaging and promotion as they’re highly visible and can stand call at a crowded shop. Hologram stickers are often added to any sort of packaging including boxes, bags and hang tags

General consumer goods:

We are witnessing a boom of hologram stickers in the general consumer goods sector. This trend has caught on even with more everyday items such as food and wine. Not only does this increase their visibility and shelf-appeal, but similar serialisation methods can be implemented that helps products pass quality control. A latest trend is growing where shrink wrapped hologram labels are applied to wine bottles to defend against fraud whilst making sure the customer receives the goods fully intact.

Boost your brand:

With competition so high, adding a hologram sticker to your product packaging is a sure fire way to set your item apart from the crowd. Furthermore, they go with anything! Their silver yet colourful appearance means they they are at home in any packaging design, their mostly mirrored appearance means that they don’t clash with a certain colour scheme, yet they don’t look dull as they reflect a rainbow of colours in certain lights.

Brand enhancement:

Many of the foremost recognisable brands within the world – like Microsoft and Intel – use holograms on their products. For this reason, adding a hologram to your products can help increase the perceived value of your products and therefore the overall perception of your brand.


Holographic stickers are frequently used for identification purposes on an enormous number of various sorts of documents, including ID cards, season passes, credit cards and lots of more. Holograms are difficult to duplicate which minimises the danger of fraud. However, like holograms designed for brand identification, if required, you’ll also add additional protection with tagganted foils.Read more