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Artificial Intelligence Tutorial

The Artificial Intelligence tutorial provides an introduction to AI which will assist you understand the concepts behind Artificial Intelligence. In this tutorial, we have also discussed various popular topics like history of AI, applications of AI, intensive learning, machine learning, natural language processing, reinforcement learning, Q-learning, intelligent agents, various search algorithms, etc.

Our Artificial Intelligence tutorial has been prepared from primary level so that you can easily understand the entire tutorial ranging from basic concepts to high-level concepts.

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In today’s world, technology is growing very fast, and we are exposed to various new technologies day by day.
Here, one of the growing techniques of computer science is Artificial Intelligence which is set to bring a new revolution in the world by making intelligent machines. Artificial intelligence is all around us now. It is currently working with a variety of subfields, ranging from general to specialized, such as self-driving cars, playing chess, proving theorems, playing music, painting, and more.

AI is one of the fascinating and universal fields of computer science which has a lot of scope in the future. AI has a tendency to cause a machine to function as a human.

Artificial Intelligence is made up of two words Artificial and Intelligence, where Artificial defines “man-made,” and intelligence “thought power”, so AI means “man-made thinking power.”

So, we can define AI as:

 It is a branch of computer science by which we can create intelligent machines which can behave like a human, think like humans, and able to make decisions.

Artificial intelligence exists when a machine can have human-based skills such as learning, reasoning, and solving problems

With Artificial Intelligence you don’t need to preprogram the machine to do some work, yet you can build a machine with programmed algorithms that can work with it’s own intelligence, and that’s the strangeness of AI .

AI is not believed to be a new technology, and some people say that according to Greek myth, there were mechanical men in the early days who could act and behave like humans.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Before we learn about Artificial Intelligence, we should know what is the importance of AI and why we should learn it. Following are some of the main reasons to know about AI:

  • With the help of AI, you can create software or tools that can solve real world problems very easily and with precision such as health issues, marketing, traffic issues, etc.
  • With the help of AI, you can make your personal virtual assistant, such as Cortana, Google Assistant, Siri, etc.
  • With the help of AI, you can build robots that can work in environments where humans may be in danger of survival.
  • AI opens a path for other new technologies, new tools and new opportunities.

Goals of Artificial Intelligence

Following are the main goals of Artificial Intelligence:

  1. Replicate human intelligence
  2. Solve Knowledge-intensive tasks
  3. An intelligent connection of perception and action
  4. Building a machine which can perform tasks that requires human intelligence such as:
  • Proving a theorem
  • Playing chess
  • Plan some surgical operation
  • Driving a car in traffic

What Comprises to Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is not just a part of computer science even it is very vast and requires a lot of other factors that can contribute to it. To create AI, we must first know how intelligence is designed, so intelligence is an intangible part of our brain that is a combination of reasoning, learning, problem-solving perception, language understanding, and more.

To achieve the above factors for a machine or software Artificial Intelligence requires the following discipline:

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Computer Science
  • Neurons Study
  • Statistics


Component of Artificial Intelligence
Component of Artificial Intelligence


Following are some main advantages of Artificial Intelligence:

  • High accuracy with fewer errors: AI machines or systems are prone to fewer errors and higher accuracy because it makes decisions according to prior experience or information.
  • High-speed: The AI system can be very high-speed and fast-decision making, as the AI system can defeat a chess champion in a game of chess.
  • High Reliability: AI machines are highly reliable and can perform the same action multiple times with high accuracy.
  • Useful for risky areas: AI machines can be helpful in situations such as defusing bombs, exploring the ocean floor, where it may be risky to employ humans.
  • Digital Assistant: AI can be very useful for providing digital assistant to users such as AI technology is currently used by various e-commerce websites to show products as per the requirement of customers.
  • Useful as a public utility: AI can be very useful for public utilities such as a self-driving car that can make our journey safe and hassle-free, facial recognition for security purposes, with human in human language Natural language processing, etc. to communicate.


Every technique has its disadvantages, and this name is named for Artificial Intelligence. With such a profitable technology still in place, it has some disadvantages that we have to keep in mind when building AI systems. The disadvantages of AI are:

  • High cost: The hardware and software requirement of AI is very expensive as it requires a lot of maintenance to meet the current world requirements.
  • Can’t Think Out of the Box: Even We Are Making Smart Machines With AI, But They Still Can’t Work Out Of The Box, Because Robots Will Only Do The Work They Are Trained For, Or Programmed Huh.
  • No feelings and emotions: AI machines can be an excellent performer, but still do not have emotion, so it can not have any kind of emotional attachment with a human, and some time when users are not properly taken care of. Can be harmful to
  • Increase dependency on machines: With the advancement of technology people are becoming more dependent on equipment and hence they are losing their mental abilities.
  • No Original Creativity: Since humans are so creative and can imagine some new ideas, but still AI machines cannot beat this power of human intelligence and cannot be creative and imaginative.

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