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Application of Artificial Intelligence

AI has various applications in today’s society. This is becoming essential for today’s times as it can solve complex problems in many industries in an efficient manner, such as healthcare, entertainment, finance, education, etc. Artificial intelligence is making our daily lives more comfortable and faster.

The following are some areas in which the application of artificial intelligence is:

Applications of AI
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1. AI in Healthcare

    • In the last five to ten years, AI has become more beneficial to the healthcare industry and is going to have a significant impact on the industry.
    • Healthcare industries are implementing AI to make better and faster diagnoses than humans. AI can help doctors with diagnoses and inform patients on deterioration so that medical support can reach the patient before hospitalization.

2. AI in education

    • AI can automate grading so that tutors have more time to teach. AI chatbots can communicate with students as teaching assistants.
    • In the future AI can serve as a personal virtual tutor for students, which will be readily available at any time and any place.

3. AI in Automotive Industry

    • Some automotive industries are using AI to provide virtual assistants to their users for better performance. As such Tesla has introduced an intelligent virtual assistant Teslabot.
    • Currently various industries are working to develop self-propelled cars which can make your journey more safe and secure.

4. AI in Astronomy

    • Artificial intelligence can be very useful for solving complex universe problems. AI technology can be helpful for understanding the universe such as how it works, genesis, etc.

5. AI in Gaming

    • AI can be used for gaming purposes. AI machines can play a game of strategy similar to chess, where the machine has to think about a large number of possible locations.

6. AI in Social Media

    • Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat have billions of user profiles, which need to be stored and managed in a very efficient manner. AI can organize and manage data on a large scale. AI can analyze a lot of data to identify the latest trends, hashtags, and needs of different users.

7. AI in Finance

    • AI and finance industry are the best matches for each other. The finance industry is implementing automation, chatbots, adaptive intelligence, algorithmic machine and machine learning in financial processes.

8. AI in Robotics

    • Artificial intelligence has a notable role in robotics. Usually, normal robots are programmed so that they can do some repetitive tasks, but with the help of AI we can create intelligent robots that can work with their own experiences without pre-programing.
    • Humanoid robots are the best example for AI in robotics, recently intelligent humanoid robot named Erica and Sophia have been developed that can talk and behave like humans.

9. AI in E-commerce

    • AI is providing a competitive edge to the e-commerce industry, and it is becoming more in demand in the e-commerce business. AI is helping shoppers find products associated with the recommended size, color, or brand.

10. AI in Agriculture

    • Agriculture is an area in which various resources, labor, money and time are required for best results. Now-a-days agriculture is going digital, and AI is emerging in this field. Agriculture is implementing AI as agricultural robotics, concrete and crop monitoring, predictive analytics. AI in agriculture can be very helpful for farmers.


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